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Refreshing flavors and lighter than other brands, our cold pressed oils are a fresh, clean way to cook. Just pour, cook, and enjoy.

Featured Products

Cold Pressed Oils

Groundnut Oil

A natural antioxidant and the secret to good skin and health. Filled with vitamin E and rich in flavour.

Coconut Oil

Filled with the goodness of pure coconut, this promotes fat loss, heart health, and brain function.

Almond Oil

Unsaturated, pure Almond oil, a healthy alternative for regular use.

Delectable Pops

Millet Pops

A healthy snackable filled with millets packed with protein and fiber.

Sesame Pops

A low-calorie and indulgent snack filled with fiber and Vitamin B.

Flaxseed Pops

Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber-packed guilt-free treat when you feel like munching on something.

Easy to cook with

Packaging designed to make cooking easier. No spills and no stains.

Natural ingredients. Nothing fake.

You get The Bele Co.’s guarantee for only natural and the best ingredients.

Delivered to your door

Order our products and sit back, save yourself the hassles of looking for authentic oil.

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"The Bele Co. has transformed my snack time.”

- Arjun A

"I’m glad I chose The Bele Co.’s oils as the first step to changing my diet. ”

- Vaibhav S

"The oils actually give way better flavour than refined oil.”

- Aysha

From our pressery to your homes

We at The Bele Co. make our own oil by sourcing the right ingredients and following tried and tested procedures. So we know firsthand about what goes in your product and take the best care to make sure we give you the best.